Top 5 Free Movie Apps To Watch & Download Movies For Android

Who does not love movies? And that too if movies are available for free watching, then will you not be excited? Gone are the days when only the film theatres and home televisions were the only sources of watching your favourite movies. Now there are several movie apps online, that you can download for free. You can enjoy the best of entertainment right on your Android phone. Bored during breaks? A long journey with nothing to do? Well, these apps have got you covered. You just have to pull out your Android phone and start watching movies and time will just fly by.

Since this market has a great scope, several apps advertising free movie streaming and downloads are popping up every day. So if you are looking for a good movie app, then read on to find out which ones are the best movie apps available today.


Almost everyone has heard of this app. It is super popular and its popularity is backed up with amazing features. If you have no idea about what features to expect from a good movie app, then you can try this app first. This app is free to download and allows you to stream not only movies, but several other TV shows and series in HD quality. What makes this app intriguing is its ability to run on all Android platforms. It is completely free from any subscription packages. So you can use this app for free without any time contingencies. It has a huge collection of movies including the latest ones. You just have to download the ShowBox APK file from any reliable online source and install it in your device to reap its benefits.


This next entry in our list boasts a database containing hundreds of movies. The interface of this app is so user friendly and the speed of response of interface is amazingly high provided that the database is so vast. The movie list is updated frequently to include the latest films. Similar to the ShowBox, this app also allows you to watch unlimited movies for free. The interesting feature of this app is that the database has a wide variety of genres. So it attracts all kinds of movie buffs.


Yidio is more like your movie guide. Its most prominent feature is the advanced search tool that scouts the web for online content. It has a wide range of filters such as genre, title, director, producer etc. So with this, you can literally find any film you are looking for even if you remember only a small detail from the film. The navigation menu is so easy to use and the app comes with a highly organised user interface. If you don’t find a particular movie, you can request it and get notified on its arrival.

All Video Downloader

Strictly speaking, this is not a movie app. But all movies are videos and if you want to download these movies to your Android phone, then this app comes into the picture. This app providers the means to quickly download any movie from an online source. Once you are done, you can save it offline and enjoy watching films even without the internet. This is a buffer free solution for slow internet connections.

Flipps HD

No best movie apps list can be complete without adding the Flipps HD. Apart from allowing you to stream movies, this all-in-one app also lets you watch viral videos and play music in your Android. This app also has the movie download feature for convenience.