5 Best Selling Games of July 2018

Every video game has its prime time of marketing well in the industry just like any other product. For the month of July 2018, the games in this content have proven to sell high among gaming enthusiasts and fans. Sit back and enjoy the comprehensive information in this content.

Super Mario Bros.:

Super Mario Bros. remains a top-notch video game published and developed by Nintendo. For the Famicom, the game was unleashed in 1985 as the next edition of Mario Bros. In both 1987 and 1985, the game reached the shores of Europe and North America for NES. In the multiplayer mode of the game, you are able to control Luigi and Mario while journeying the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Toadstool. In the game side-scrolling phased will be encountered such as Starman, Fire Flower and Super Mushroom. As far as records are real, Super Mario Bros has been able to sell around 40.24 million copies.

Grand Theft Auto V:

In this game, you will find self-help gurus in a sun-soaked environment. In fact, you will also discover fading celebrities, starlets and other important figures that were popularly known in the Western world before. These formerly well-known characters are currently finding it hard to live in a cheap reality television an economic uncertainty era. Three ardent criminals planned their chances of success and survival amidst the turmoil. Franklin remains a hustler in the stress and strived to get serious money and real opportunities. The game has sold around 54 million copies.


Minecraft is simply about going on adventures and arranging blocks. The game is designed to reflect an endless crafted environment of wide-open terrain. This can be found in the likes of vast pastures, swampy bayous, icy mountains and just to mention a few. Minecraft is loaded with perils, wonders and even secrets. Plying the game can occur in a plethora of ways. This open-ended game will give you the opportunity of controlling the rhythm. At the moment, Minecraft has sold around 70 million copies.

Wii Sports:

According to the recent news, it is evident that Nintendo does not produce console after marketing around one hundred million copies globally. With Nintendo’s innovative console, Wii Sports has been able to make up to 82.69 million copies. The game comes with a simple gameplay and fun for anyone.

Tetris (EA):

Developed by EA Mobile, Tetris remains a puzzle video game. It is published by Electronic Arts for Windows Phone, iOS, PS Portable, PS3 and BlackBerry OS. The game reached the public eyes around September 12, 2006, with an innovative soundtrack. It is one of the best-selling games for July 2018 with one hundred million copies.


As mentioned above, every month has their best-selling video games. The games mentioned in this content were able to boost their sale in the month of July 2018. These games are amazing to play with tons of great features. While there are more games that thrived in the month of July 2018, the above-mentioned options were among the best.

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